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Disaster Planning and Risk Management Online Course

This course is designed to provide you with crucial information that will allow you to identify, analyze, plan and control risks to your business. Hurricanes, tornados, fires, floods and all sorts of disasters can happen. We've witnessed that with recent floodings from hurricanes in 2017, which was the largest disaster year ever for the United States in terms of cost. When disasters happen, offices lose computers and paper files, so it's important for you to understand why you need to plan for them and then actually make a plan.

Throughout the course, you will be provided with opportunities to test your knowledge. You will receive instant feedback that will enhance your learning experience and will help you retain more knowledge. Also throughout this course, you will find links to additional information about that particular topic.

This course has five sections:


            1. Defining Risk Management

            2. Five Phases of Risk Management

            3. Risk Management Plan

            4. A Sample Plan

            5. Risk Management Terminology

            6. Risk Management Exam

After defining risk management in objective one, objectives two and three give you an in-depth look at risk management, identifying risks, analyzing, planning, tracking, and controlling your risk management plan. Objective four is a walk through with sample worksheets. Objective five identifies terms to aid in your learning. Objective six is an exam.

Upon completion of the last section, you will have the opportunity to take the final exam covering all of the sections you have completed. When you've completed the final exam, you will have received knowledge and planning assistance regarding risks and controlling and managing those risks. 

Access to this course is set for 90 days. There are no required books or documents to utilize this course.

Average Course Completion Time is 30-40 hours.

This course have been pre-approved for 4 AMBA CEUs

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