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Understanding Modifiers

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2018 AMBA National Conference

Understanding Modifiers

Are you puzzled by which modifier you should use for a specific circumstance when billing? This online course will help you clearly understand how modifiers work and how to properly use them. Specific examples are provided so you can be certain on a modifier's proper use.  

Included are CPT, HCPCS and Anesthesia Modifiers with more detailed explanations of Physician Identifier Modifiers as well as Qualified Healthcare Professional Modifiers.

In 2014, CMS created 4 new HCPCS modifiers to be used in place of modifier 59 for use on Medicare claims, effective 1/1/2015. This information is included in our course.

Learning Objectives:
  • Introduction
  • Commonly Used Terms
  • Evaluation and Management (E/M) Service Modifiers
  • Anesthesia Modifiers
  • Surgery Modifiers
  • Radiology Modifiers
  • Pathology and Laboratory Modifiers
  • Medicine Modifiers
  • Category II Codes

You will need the 2018 version of the CPT and HCPCS Code Books to complete this course, or you can use our AMBACode Coding Software which will allow you to lookup the codes. Get a 28 day free trial of AMBACode. 


AMBA Prior Approval for

This course is pre-approved for 6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by the American Medical Billing Association
 Login information for course access will be sent via email

Average Course Completion Time is 30-40 hours.


This course is offered in real time access. If you choose to enroll for this course from here, you will be given immediate access upon payment verification. If you have any questions, please call 580 369-2700 or email us.


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