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Medical Billing Course

Our Online Medical Billing Course is designed to educate the biller on starting and running a medical billing business. The course has 26 main objectives. It begins with basics such as getting started, marketing, and working with providers. As you progress, you will learn more detailed and specific information on the day to day intricacies of a medical billing business.

Throughout the course, you will answer questions that provide instant feedback to enhance your learning experience.  Upon completion of the course, you will have obtained profound and in-depth concepts and information about the medical billing industry.

At the end of the course, you will be given an exam designed to test your knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform various tasks associated with the medical billing industry.

This course provides billers with skills, training and information needed to operate a successful medical billing business.

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Below is a partial list of topics covered in our Course
Things to do First Insurance Basics
Getting Started The Role of Insurance Carriers
Managing Your Time Medicare Basics
Learn the Lingo Managed Care Terms
Acronyms and Terms Marketing to Providers
Medical Coding Scripts
Clearinghouses Practice Management
Collections Providers You Can Work For
How Doctors Think and Act Rejections and Appeals
Frequently Asked Questions Services You Can Offer
How Fees are Determined Compliance Guidelines
Getting Paid for your Services Fraud and Abuse

CMS 1500 Claim Form

Contracts and Forms
Medical Billing as a Career Becoming an Independent Biller
Definition of a Medical Biller The Billing Process
Industry Changes Background Information on Claims Submission

Average Course Completion Time is 70-80 hours.

The topics listed above are covered in our Online Course but are not representative of all comprehensive subject matter covered.

AMBA Prior Approval for CEU's
This Course is pre-approved for 20 CEUs through AMBA

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If you are better able to learn by reading written materials, you may be interested in our Medical Billing Starter Program that includes this online course, our Advanced Claims Processing eManual, Training Seminar DVDs, and MedLook Billing Software.  Click here for more Information

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