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Compliance and HIPAA Seminar Online

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  • HIPAA Compliance
    • Title I &II - Electronic Standards
    • Security &Electronic Signature Standards
    • National Provider ID (NPI)
    • Unique Identifiers
    • Electronic Transaction Standards
    • EDI Healthcare Transactions
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule
    • Privacy v. Security
    • About the Privacy Rule
    • Violations & Accountability
    • Limitations &Patient Rights
    • Requirements for Providers
    • Covered Entities
    • Business Associates
    • Contracts between BA &Covered Entities
    • Violations
  • OIG Guidelines
    • Benefits of a Compliance Program
    • Key Compliance Guideline Elements
    • Risk Assessment
    • Dealing With Credit Balances
    • Integrity of Provider Data
    • Record Retention
    • Records Obtained From Providers
    • Proper Documentation
    • Auditing
    • Violations and Investigations
    • Obligations Regarding Misconduct
    • Corrective Actions
  • Implementation of a Compliance Program
  • The False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. 3729-3733)
  • Medicare Fraud and Abuse
  • Learn how federal agencies are now aggressively funded to pursue health care fraud. Find out how to protect your billing company
  • Introduction to AMBA's Certification Exam and Study Materials

Prior Approval
for CEU's

This course is pre-approved for 3 Continuing Education Units CEUs by the American Medical Billing Association

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